Hello you trendy bunch of music lovers, I bring you Floor Clearers Edition One. I intend to share with you some delicious and strange tracks guaranteed to scare people to the smoking area, but nonetheless absolute ‘bangers’ in their own right. This is not aimed at the chap who lives in the house constructed from the contents of discogs marketplace, or those who may shit themselves at the idea of a song not constructed within a pentatonic scale. Open your mind maaan, Its gunna get west, ok?

Lounge Lizards – Voice of Chunk

It’s 1988 and once again brothers John and Evan Lurie awoke vomiting obscure time signatures. After they cleaned up, what remained was a broken percussive journey evolving into building roller. I guess the acid started taking effect toward the end of the track huh?

Upchurch/Tennyson – Donny’s Hip

Its unclear whether this song is titled in regards to the state of Donny’s Hip or much like yourself, poking fun at how painfully hip he is; either way I hope they got it sorted.

Fugi – Mary, Don’t Take Me On No Bad Trip

You’re not going to be able to un-see that mans face now. Go get drunk, have a smoke and play this while your thoughts are flushed down the toilet and you fall to bed.

Big Boss Man – Sea Groove

Mask up, get in your mustang and go pull a heist. Or something equally cool and probably legal.

Elois Scott – Broadway Love

Audible crack. I mean, just listen to it.

Enough rambling for now, must get back to winding the neighbours up with beeps and discordant jazz piano.

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