Domenique Dumont – Comme Ça

Domenique Dumont’s first release Comme Ça delivers six tracks that range from a twinge of dub to synth pop, each bounce along with a sunny amble. Just in time for summer. Comme Ça is released on 22nd June 2015.

On doing the obligatory root around for some information when coming across an unknown-to-you artist, all answers can usually be found in the first four search results. Domenique Dumont wasn’t so straight forward. It seems that the apparent Riga (Latvia) based artist is a bit of an unknown to most, and not least the Parisian label who is dishing up the release – Antinote.

Anonymity is never such a bad thing though, ay. In this case it leaves a nice bit of room for the music to shine through. 6 tracks that you can get lost in from the dance floor ready La Basse et les Shakers, to the filtered out haze of La Bataille de Neige. Have a listen and pre-order from the Antinote site.

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