Box aus Holz – The Lost Tracks Vol. 2

German label Box Aus Holz Records recently shared their next sample heavy EP compilation – The Lost Tracks Vol. 2 – and this time the tones are Jazzy. Release upcoming on 17th July, 2015.

Twit One takes the opener. Usually one to lean towards a hip hop beat so no stranger in the art of curating samples himself, Don Churro starts as the rest go on keeping the party in the percussion.

One name will certainly be of note to most; Max Graef has been nothing short of prolific with his output over the last couple of years, each release being jammed with melodic fuzz able to hold its own on either dancefloor or sofa. It speaks for the quality of the release that ode Max – taking the A2 – isn’t necessarily the focus of attention on this EP.

Over on the B1 we have The Please, a Dutch duo who keep things a little more serene, ample respite for the last two tracks from Hodini and Luds & Reverend G, each of who lead us out with cut up numbers for those who prefer a kilter.

These always sell nicely. Make sure you grab hold of them when you can over at OYE Records.

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