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This weeks just//COS is dedicated to the underground disco and soul music brought to life by Canadian re-edit label Truth Is Light Records.

If you are unfamiliar with Truth Is Light Records then you wouldn’t be blamed, they have been quietly editing and re-releasing previously unknown Disco and R&B track for the past decade. Founded by Jason Lev in 2005 with one aim – to shed some light on the great underground music from the 70’s and 80’s. Lev has collaborated with a whole host of artists over the years, including Mark Grusane of Chicago based Mr Peabody Records, who have provided various re-edits and mixes of the unheard tracks.

Unfortunately for the rest of us arriving late, most of the releases are now sold out and Discogs is the only place where a handful of the records are available. The irony of Truth Is Light is that in itself, the label is underground and most of the records are unattainable with only 250 copies being pressed. It does however seem to capture the very essence of crate digging, where would be the fun if all you  had to do was click a button and three days later your 12″ arrives at your door? It’s about finding something you’ve been looking for all year. Or visiting a record store that you’ve never been to and taking a chance from the £1 box. The beauty of these tracks is that in a time where all music is disposable it brings back the feeling that some of our parents once had. Covering song names with stickers and tuning in to an off shore radio station to get your fix of new music.

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