Jazz + Jazz = Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington

In the second edition of Jazz+Jazz=Jazz we look at the original masters of the swing – Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.

Any way you look at it both of these musical greats set the precedent for pretty much everything that happened in the world of Jazz music for the next 80 years. If you ask your Grandma they were probably the guys she grew up with, and if you ask your parents, they’re the guys that their parents would put on after dinner on a Sunday.

Both were born on the cusp of the 20th century and came to fame during the mid 20’s with Louis coming straight out of the New Orleans jazz scene of the time. However it wasn’t until the early 60’s that they managed to get into a studio together. Armstrong’s gritty warble makes him instantly recognisable and when you add his wild trumpet playing with Ellington’s soft touch on the piano the result is one of the most important jazz recordings of the 20th Century – enjoy.

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