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When you think of disco, house and funk Canada isn’t usually the first place that springs to mind. However the guys at Spacedust Records are making it happen in Toronto. Brought together from different backgrounds through their mutual love of music, they have been hosting a string of parties in the city for over two years. After their debut release courtesy of Chicago crate digger Mark Grusane, we caught up with the guys from Spacedust Records to talk everything from the Toronto music scene, to the legendary Peabody Records in Chicago.

Tell us a bit of background about the label how did it start and what were you up to beforehand?
(Tony) SPACEDUST is made up of 3 guys, (Kirk), (Shamps), and Myself (Tony) we are currently all based in Toronto but none of us actually grew up here. Between the 3 of us we have known each other for 3-4 years, not a long time but the reason SD was formed was through our mutual passion for good music. We all come from different record collecting backgrounds so that’s what brought us together I guess, lots of new sounds to be educated on which never wears out. Before the record label came the parties. We run a dance party in the city using irregular spaces. To date, we have run a few resident parties and couple of ones with guest’s. We started up in 2013.

Your first release comes courtesy of Mark Grusane, how do you know Mark?
(Tony) I first met Mark in 2011 at his old record store back in Chicago, the legendary Peabody Records, now closed (RIP). Our Friendship really came about when we asked him to come play our party back in June, 2014. Mark played Toronto and had a really wild time. We all hung out for a few days and kicked back. From that point on is when things came into fruition, we thought it would be a good idea to have Mark involved and supply us with some raw tracks from his extensive vault, lots of original and edit material, some stuff which he made from when he was in his late teens. Mark was super interested from the offset and things just naturally came together which felt right our debut release, and now we have MGM Edits Vol.1. Mark is a great guy, he’s been a really good to work with on this project.

Tell us about the music scene in Toronto, where do you source your music?
(Shamps) I’d describe the scene here as fairly tight knit. Most of promoters know each other and folks are supportive. It’s not hard to find an event worth checking out on most weekends if you know who to ask. Lots of small parties held in intimate venues.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city. Not only is the area and its suburbs abundant with Canadian records but due to its rich immigrant history, you can find records from all over the world here. These days, of particular relevance are old collections from Caribbean community. But like most places, collecting here has become more competitive over the years.

Before the MGM edits, you released a string of mixes, tell us a bit about the guys who put these together.
(Tony) The SD selection mixes are just a promo outlet for our parties. We take turns putting them out and also draft in Guest Mixes which musically can be anywhere over the genre spectrum. We also have our own solo projects inc. mixes on the net too. Kirk is up next for SD selection, stay locked for that!

Are there any particular favourite records that you have purchased recently or are looking to get hold of?
(Tony) A few recent grabs from the local record store, and online purchases I snapped up

Duane & co. – JB in Limbo (Dance Mania, 1988)

Buz Butler-His Majesty (Cetra, 1980)


Dibany-Hard Lover (Fantasy, 1983)

(Shamps) I found a cheap copy of Rozza and Wine’s Disco Boogie Woman in the bin recently

Rozza & Wine-Disco Boogie Woman (Right On!,1977)

What is next for the SPACEDUST, are you planning any shows in the UK?
(Tony) 12” Vinyl release of edits by the 3 of us , more MGM Edits by Mark, and some other stuff other in the works but is top secret for now . We are excited about what is in-store for the future. Hoping to bring some guests later in 2015. As for overseas shows, nothing planned but if somebody wants to book us, hit us up!

Cheers to the SPACEDUST guys – Kirk, Shamps, and Tony. Keep up to date with their goings on over their social media…

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