Jeru The Damaja/Funk Inc – Come Clean/Kool Is Back

5 Borough Breaks seem to have a solid concept down for their release material – all for the love of the breaks. They’ve released some quality so far and the latest is no exception.

The imprint have four 7″ under their belt in 2015, each sticking to the concept of a classic hip-hop jam on the a-side and the source of the sample break on the b. The latest pairing to be set in acetate is Come Clean, straight out of Jeru The Damajas 1994 album The Sun Rises in the East, and the break-father track Kool Is Back from Funk Inc. originally released on their self titled album back in 1971.

As it was released on 6th July so is available now. Such a tidy package of a 7″ deserves to be purchased – grab hold of it over at Juno

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