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Critter and Guitari Video Synths

You may scoff at the relevance of these, but it’s an intriguing extension of Critter+guitari’s tinkering outlook on production. The simplest of devices combined together yield the most personal results, and the videoscopes complement this beyond the audible range.

I know, the fuck is this racket? but for the right minds this is a foot in the door for inspiration. Rather than putting effort into visuals and desperately trying to force a narrative to your music, they interpret a sound source of your choice.

You buy a musical instrument for its character and what it can afford to you, but what thought do you put into your visuals? For the most part it is applied to your music and for me it’s often an irrelevant resemblance. This concept allows you to apply it as if you were applying another instrument; another character.

In the right application I think they look pretty swish dont you? They aren’t too expensive and definitely cheaper than asking your mate along with his laptop. Its fun most importantly.

Go here and get one, and check out their instruments too; hours of beeping self absorbing fun!

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