Jazz + Jazz = Michel Legrand

Legrand, a French pianist and composer who releasing his first album ‘I love Paris’ at the fresh age of twenty two, has collaborated with such greats as Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Composing on over two hundred scores; probably most notably with the method changing French ‘Nouvelle Vague’ movement with the great Jean Luc Goddard. He was known for cameos of films of the era and even went on to work with Clint Eastwood and Barbra Striesand.

La Pasionaria (The Passionflower), explodes into a moment defining foot tapper, echoing his work and paris upbringing and hitting all the Jazz combo moves of the decades before; but with tell tale late seventies crisp progression. Perfect for those revolutionary, smokey club nights that it was likely conceived in and ratifying that Legrand remained as a pillar in Jazz to this day.

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