Diggin’ Disco Deep #2

The second instalment of the Diggin’ Disco Deep series from VinylAddicted featuring Luvless, FunkyjawsJunktion, Martin Hayes & more.

After the success of Diggin’ Disco Deep #1 which sold out in just a few days, subsequently leading to a repress, there has been a certain expectation when it comes to VinylAddicted’s next compilation. From just a short listen through the clips on Soundcloud its easy to see that the release is on point once again. The album takes you through some straight up house vibes, funky guitar-inspired disco and up-tempo rollers. If you want to pick this one up, it might not be around for too long as its a limited 500 copy, vinyl only release.

Take a listen to our pick from the album Funkyjaws – World Spin, and preview the rest of the release below.

Pre order the 12″

Prime Direct:…2/index.html

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