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Culture Talks… Junktion

For the third instalment of Culture Talks… we caught up with Dutch designer, DJ and producer Hans Peeman aka Junktion. It has been a busy year for Hans, already releasing EP’s through Sleazy Beats, Rose Records and Razor N Tape. We managed to catch him in between his busy schedule and talk everything from hardware, venues, side project Fouk, and his plans for the future.

How about we start off with a little about yourself, your background and influences.

Well, I’m Hans, I live in Nijmegen, the east of the Netherlands. I’m a Graphic Designer and I make music of course. I’ve been making music since I was about 15/16 years old after I started buying vinyl. Totally different music style than what I do today though! I absolutely love the ’70’s sound’, so I listen to a lot of old jazz, funk & soul for inspiration and bits and pieces to sample. As for inspiration it ranges from classics like Roy Ayers, Ahmad Jamal, Idris Muhammad etc to the more house oriented producers such as Nebraska, Max Graef, Harvey Sutherland, Saine, Jack J. I really tend to like tracks that feel alive/organic in sound. I also really like what Nu Guinea is doing! Their latest EP on Tartelet is just fantastic!

You’ve been very busy with releases recently, what is in the pipeline for the rest of the year?

There are a couple of remixes coming up as well as a split EP early next year. I just finished a new EP, but I can’t say much about it at the moment. For now I’ve already had quite a nice run of releases this year so I think it’s good take it a little bit slower and have a good look at what my next step will be – and of course I have the Fouk project as well together with Daniël Leseman. We have a new EP coming up on Room With A View which we’re really happy about. We recently made a remix of Kraak & Smaak – Way Back Home, which will be out by the time the interview is published. Really cool to remix those guys, I’ve been a fan ever since their first album! We’re also finishing up another upcoming EP and a couple of remixes are coming up too, so I reckon I won’t be sitting idly in the studio!

There’s a lot of great music coming out of Germany and the Netherlands at the moment, how did you get involved with the Rose Records guys and has anyone in particular been an influence on your music?

Yes, it’s good to see there are such great creative hotspots across Germany and the Netherlands. Daniël played a year ago at Midnight City in Amsterdam (really great bunch of people and parties!) and Martin Hayes and Luvless were playing there as well. We had loads of fun at dinner and at Club Up that night, they’re really nice guys. So we noticed we kind of have the same view on music and got talking about working together.

How do you usually like to produce, is it very much just you and your laptop or do you prefer working with hardware?

I use both hardware and software. I’m not a strictly analog/hardware freak. I do have a Moog Sub Phatty, MicroKorg, Nord Rack 2 and an Acces VirusTI (which I haven’t used in a while). As for software I love Arturia’s Mini V and Logic’s own Retrosynth (which is essentially a bit of a Moog-ish software synth). I also use Native Instruments’ Komplete package a lot. Working on a laptop can be nice while on the road, but it certainly has its limits. I like having a good overview on the arrangement side and that essentially needs a large screen. So I prefer working on my big iMac and have all my gear connected and ready to be abused. I usually start with a good sample/hook, or a nice beat and work from there. Layering different sounds on top and playing synths over it. I tend to make tracks by feeling, so every session can be a bit different.

You’re a designer, do you make any connections between this and the music you create or do you keep them separate? How much influence does your design background have on the music you make?

Most definitely! Overall, whether designing or making a new track, the approach is quite the same. For design I first analyse the goals/brief, then sketch, evaluate, create concepts, evaluate and evaluate again…etc. It’s good to have a certain set order in your way of working, but I don’t let it become too restrictive. A lot of the creative process goes by feeling and instinct. With music it’s even much more by feeling, but a lot of times I have a good sense of what direction I want to take things. Looking at the creative process while making music it also goes through those stages I mentioned earlier; you make a a few bars, evaluate/change things when needed etc. I never have put a conscious effort in approaching music the same way as with designing though.

Have you got any favourite venues/nights that you like DJ at in Holland or abroad?

As Junktion I don’t perform, but I do play out as Fouk together with Daniel. Playing in Studio 80 is really awesome. We had been coming there quite a lot over the years, so it was really cool to finally play there. But one of the most fun nights we had was playing with Get Down Edits at Midnight City in Club Up, Amsterdam . Lovely people and great vibe, with great music the whole night. Also playing in an igloo on top of a mountain in Innsbruck (Austria) with the Pusic Records crew was fantastic! People there were really friendly and into the music!

Are there any favourite records that you have purchased recently or are listening to at the moment?

Jack J – Thirstin / Atmosphere – Really love what Jack Jutson does!

Nu Guinea  – World EP

Brame & Hamo – Lamaj’s Secret

Star Blazers – Danger Zone

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