Dikkens – Retrospect Of A Mind

Latest release out of Amsterdam based label Intimate Friends comes in the form of debut EP from Dikkens – Retrospect Of A Mind.

Relatively little information can be found surrounding Dikkens, however the guys over at Intimate Friends managed to shed some light on how they feel about his debut release on Facebook; “You are witnessing the birth of a legend. In two years from now everybody will know about this dude. Keep your eyes peeled!”. Strong words from the Dutch label, who have had some solid releases this year, the latest of which being Reginald Omas Mamode IV‘s Dilla inspired eight-track LP.

Whether or not we are in fact witnessing the birth of a legend is yet to be decided. One thing is for sure, this is a strong debut release, filled with warm synth soundscapes, broken beats and the occasional vocal sample fluttering in and out, it’s actually reminiscent of Hotflush releases of old.

The 12″ is set for release on 5th October via Juno, and you can grab a sample of the EP in the player below.

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