Gloria Ann-Taylor – Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing LP

Gloria Ann-Taylor has long been marked by record collectors as desirable – and of course there is a reason for that with her unique blend of verbed out soul. Thankfully we no longer have to fork out an arm and two legs to get hold of a copy of her in the collection. Luv N’ Haight records have done the honours of putting together an anthology of her work. Release on 27th November 2015.

The package consists of a deluxe triple-gatefold double LP full of her career recordings made at Selector Sound from 1971 – 77. The eponymous title track for the LP – Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing – is also found as it’s 12″ later on the release. Throw in the tracks Deep Inside Of You, What’s Your World, and her tidy cover of the country classic Jolene, this one’s a sure fire one for the collection. Keep tabs and purchase here.

Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing is also being released on a 7″ with Brother Less Than A Man on the b side. The 7″ is getting an earlier outing, available as of 25th September 2015. Purchase here.

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