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Micachu & The Shapes @ Headrow House – Beacons Metro

Last Thursday we went down to new venue Headrow House in Leeds to catch Micachu & The Shapes with support from Kari and Zozo.

A year after writing the score for the film ‘Under The Skin’, Mica Levi returned to her band to release ‘Good Sad Happy Bad’ earlier this year. It would prove interesting to see how their new live act would work, with their latest release being sparse and less lively than earlier albums. The new record feels much more intimate and casually put together, focusing less on production and more on the aspects that tie each song together.

None of the energy from previous albums was lost live however, the punk rock undertones from ‘Never’ were evident from the opening track, Levi’s almost Kurt Cobain style guitar playing and vocal delivery at the forefront. This meant the sparseness of the new album at times got lost behind the heavy guitar and vocals, drowning out some of the more delicate electronic elements. There can be a fine line between sounding relaxed and lazily put together and at times the performance, particularly of the new album, felt like the latter. It was only when everything aligned on tracks like ‘Oh Baby’ and ‘Sad’ the album really translated across and left you feeling as though you had definitely witnessed something really special.

With her latest release, a film score and several solo mixtapes and productions there’s no doubt that Mica Levi is someone shaking things up at the moment. The rawness of her sound, for better or worse, carries through in everything she touches, including her live performances and I think Micachu will definitely be someone to look back on who may well have been under appreciated at the time.

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