The Wytches at Headrow House for Beacons Metro

The Wytches took up position on the Headrow House stage on Monday 9th to a room clearly well-versed in what to expect. Attracting a range of aficionados from the fresh faced mosh pit to the stand-at-the-back Pilsner appreciators, turned out there was plenty of clout to back up the crowd.

Prior to The Wytches taking the room, three Danes in the form of support band Baby in Vain stirred up a mixture of riff-centric grunge and graveled vocals from the female front-woman. The set was one of well thought out structures steering away from smearing four bars over 5+ minute intervals, instead exploding switch-ups to keep energy up. Keep tabs on ’em.

The headliners came out kicking, gut punching the crowd into a frenzy in an altogether more melodic fashion. Think The Horrors circa Skying removing the polish and shotting three whiskeys, you’ll be about at the mark. The Wytches are still on the road and are set for dates in the south of the U.K. before being back in the north for date in Sheffield, Wakefield, and York. Check them out if they’re in the area – recommended.

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