Admin – Super Lover EP (Sleazy Beats)

Sleazy Beats recruit Bristol producer Admin for their penultimate release on their ‘Black Ops’ sub label after a stellar run of 12″s including Junktion, Luvless and Andy Hart.

Admin has been quietly building up a catalogue of quality releases for a few years now, having already put out records on Futureboogie and Boogie Cafè, the ‘Super Love EP’ turns its back on the house influence that can be heard on previous records. Admin’s latest release sees him fully immerse himself in the art of sampling, bringing three slices of disco edit goodness, relying less on the production value and more on the selection of samples.

As always the Black Ops release will be vinyl only and you can pre order now over at Juno and Piccadilly. There is still no exact release date, however the Sleazy Beats Soundcloud points to “late November”, so expect them to ship in the next couple of weeks. Listen below for snippets of the release via Sleazy Beats.

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