Moomin – A Minor Thought LP (Smallville Records)

Grainy samples strung together with a tight four to the floor rhythm section are what we are well used to hearing from Moomin, or Sebastian Genz to his mother. The Berlin based producer is releasing his second album in early 2016 through Smallville Records.

The first album from Moomin was brought to us way back when in 2011 with ‘The Story About You’, and since has been a regular of the 12″ releases through various labels and imprints, perhaps most notable of these being off his own back with the ‘Closer’ series coming through his label bearing the same name.

This latest Moomin releases doesn’t stray far from original and time tested formula of something equally adept to kick back to or be on the feet and moving, even tracks from previous releases (You Neva Know a notable addition) have been included for the CD format, which holds a couple more tracks than that being pressed on wax.

Official date is yet to be announced, so take a listen below and keep tabs.

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