Max Graef Band- DOG LP

It’s all good and groovy at Money $ex Records, the label which is ran by Graef himself alongside Glen Astro and Delfonic. The six piece Max Graef Band is set to release their DOG LP come December through the label – one for the Christmas list.

We are used to hearing a sound where a slick production plays a central role in past releases from Max Graef, not least his previous LP through Tartelet ‘Rivers Of The Red Planet‘ which took its place on our stereo for an extended period of time. This production value is evident with the ensembled band bearing the name of the bassist and their new release, taking influence from the jazz and hip hop worlds and sewing threading them together with typical German efficiency.

Exact date in December of release is to be announced. Keep your eyes peeled, pre-order here, and listen below.

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