Glenn Astro & Max Graef – Magic Johnson

Glenn Astro and Max Graef team up together for their debut release on Ninja Tune with ‘Magic Johnson’, set for release 4th December.

It seems that Glenn Astro and Max Graef can do no wrong at the moment. Glenn Astro has just released his debut LP via Danish label ‘Tartelet’, while Max Graef has set up his band who are due to release their ‘Dog’ LP, which we covered here last week, just before Christmas. Not to mention the fact they are co-running their own label, ‘Money $ex Records’, which has seen stellar EP’s from the likes of IMYRMIND, Hodini as well as their own work.

This time however they put their lo-fi, jazz infected production style to a more upbeat number for Ninja Tune. ‘Magic Johnson’ is a “bustling mutant jazz workout”, once more taking influence from the ‘cut and paste’, hip hop style  production, so reminiscent of Dilla and Moodymann. The track builds from the busy and loose percussion into a straight up house number, before reducing back down to just the cymbals and keys.

Take a listen to the title track ‘Magic Johnson’ below and you can preorder the single over at Ninja Tune, due to drop on 4th December.

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