Banoffee Pies Records – World Series 01

Latest release from the Bristol based Banoffee Pies Records, ‘World Series 01 – Africa X Turkey’ out 25th November.

Tidy new compilation EP from Banoffee Pies who have been quietly putting out some of the most diverse range of releases we have seen from anyone. Nothing is off limits with the Bristol label, the only requirement is creative, original music. The latest offering features Philou Louzolo, Wendel Sield and Mehmet Aslan under his new alias MMT. Part 1 of the ‘World Series’ takes us to Africa and Turkey, with a bit of everything from afrobeat to house.

As always there is a 200 limited which is due to sell out imminently so head over to Banoffee Pies if you’re looking to get your hands on a copy.

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