CHUD Records host Wharf Chambers with King Of Cats, Van Stonholdt, Rice Milk, and Fingers Crossed

A crowd gathers in the back room of Wharf Chambers – a suitably DIY venue for the Leeds based CHUD Records to invite a bumper listing of all things born in bedrooms by lo-fi means.

On a billing that included acts such as Fingers Crossed, Rice Milk, Van Stonholdt, and King Of Cats topping it off, the evening took us from fuzzed up guitar bashing to old world instruments to diminished chords to straight up hip hop. So you get the picture – the night was a varied one. Rice Milk, hailing from Newcastle, brought with them their driven guitar and rhythm smattered with shy vocals and intermittent twanged melodies. An accomplished live sound which we’ll no doubt see more of.

Van Stonholdt’s set was one of two half’s. Starting off with jazzed up guitar, Van Stonholdt took us through his earlier material prior to setting us off on some newer material. The ideas and structures in the tunes would be called genius by half the population and madness by the other half, though the other half probably thinks that Jamie Cullum is the epitome jazz. Well worth a listen if your into the more leftfield side of lo-fi.

The night was finished by King Of Cats. Short of some support on stage due to a set of dates in the US taking their toll, the show was a solo effort bar a guest drummer making a short appearance. A front man who is nothing short of attention grabbing while on stage, King Of Cats was able to hold everyone’s ears and have sole focus on him while wails were accompanied by dainty melodies. Good stuff.

Keep an eye out for what CHUD have coming up over at their Facebook.

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