Culture Villain’s Top picks of 2015

Now that our feet have firmly landed in 2016 staggering through the final hoorah of the December festive period, we thought that to add a little closure to the year of 2015 we should take a look at our favourite releases of the year. Take a gander through and enjoy the sweet sweet taste of reminiscence.

Universal Togetherness Band – Universal Togetherness Band LP
Numero Group are known for their digging and delving to bring to the fore musicians who have unjustly fallen by the wayside. The Universal Togetherness Band were a moderately successful band in the early 80’s who the Numero Group set their focus upon, providing the LP way back on the 19th January in early 2015. The track Real Thrill is enough to wear out a couple of dance shoes over the course of the year alone.

Domenique Dumont – Comme Ça
We wrote our initial thoughts of the Domenique Dumont’s Comme Ça release back on 18th June. Standing the test of time it stays on our stereo as we return to it for its whirling synths and vintage machines. Bouncing along to a light shuffle, it is just one of a strong collection coming from the Antinote team in Paris.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizzard – Quarters!
Released just as the summer invited everyone outside for the festival season on 1st May, Quarters! was the sixth studio album from the Aussie band. King Gizzard manages to delve into different experiments throughout each of the four tracks – each 10 minute 10 second long – to create a journey wandering around the boundaries of the long past traditional 4 minute song / 10 track album. With hand painted cover artwork to boot, the release was definitely one to own and enjoy as a package.

Max Graef Band – Dog
Gracing us with the ‘Dog’ M$LP001 via Money $ex Records in the closing weeks of 2015, Max Graef returned with a band. Jamming an arc of funky-beloved-grooves, projected from the nectar of his previous release in 2014 – ‘Rivers of the Red Planet’, the release is forged from the urge to play music together. Its everything you could ever want to hear from a days crate digging; while still nurturing their musical personalities to allow them achieve something that is original and inspiring.

Hodini – M$03
Real, organic and audible journeys upholding the tone we love about Money $ex records, Hodini praises us with soul throughout M$003 while bringing an almost awkward uniqueness to his debut release. As you listen through, there aren’t many releases that will make you itch to sit in front of your sampler as much as this one, proving there is an extensive longevity in this rough and grooving soul music. Easy listening, in or out; just sit back an take it in.

Boots For Dancing – The Undisco Kidds
Released in late November via Scottish label Athens Of The North, ‘The Undisco Kidds’ has quickly become one of our most listened to albums of the year. Highly endorsed by John Peel in the early 80’s, Boots For Dancing never actually recorded an album. Put together with a mixture of ‘Peel Sessions’ and a recording session from 1982, the album feels like a true Funk/Punk classic.

LA Priest – Inji
New project from former Late of the Pier front man Sam Dust, after a long hiatus, Dust made his come back to music in the form of ‘Inji’, an eclectic mix of genres and sounds, tied together by his trademark vocal, one of the most refreshing releases of the year.

Tom of Finland – Tom of Finland Edits
Razor-N-Tape have had a busy year this year, we could easily have filled this whole list with their releases; the ‘Disco Cuts’ compilations and Pools’ ‘Innertubes’ EP being some of the best. We decided to go with Tom of Finland’s ‘Edits’ EP. Released just in time for the summer, the highlight for us has to be the b-side ‘Dreamin Again’ an out and out groover and a worthy addition to any record bag.

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