Daughter at Leeds Beckett Student Union

Having recently returned from a stint of two years of relative inactivity on the release front, Daughter are taking to the stage with a sound grander in scale, and doing so with great effect. The new album – Not To Disappear – seems to be a step towards taking the familiar fragile melancholic sound and placing it on the big stage.

The night was opened by three piece Pixx. Another in the 4AD roster and fronted by South London 19 year old Hannah Rodgers, they led the night with Ms Rodgers whisping her was through songs backed by a cacophony of electronically induced sweeps. The latest release from Pixx was the Fall In EP back in August 2015. Take a listen here.

By the time Daughter took to the stage the sold out crowd had firmly packed themselves into the room. Running through material old and new, Elena Tonra set about bringing the room into her world. Softly spoken when talking to the crowd, the Daughter front woman provided her knack of moving from the quiet guitar ballads to scaped-out and reverb laden tracks found on the latest album. If there are tickets floating around for the few dates that they’re doing in the UK, I’d snap them up.

Check out Daughter’s Not To Disappear album for yourself through their website.

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