Pontchartrain / The Silver Rider – Never Stop Working EP (Whiskey Disco)

A label synonymous with providing some top quality releases from alcohol twinged disco artists all over the globe, Whiskey Disco welcomes a pairing of artists to take each side of the Never Stop Working EP. Released 28th Jan 2016.

Motor city native Pontchartrain takes the a-side on the EP with the opening tracks Work It Alright and What You Doing To Me – neither of which would sound out of place mid-set in a disco ball speckled room with the A2 track being a particular sizzler. The Silver Rider has the honours of closing the session over on the b-side with the two tracks Muzik and Never Stops, each taking the more spliced approach but to no less effect.

As always we can try to describe the quality all we want, though why not just listen for yourself below ay? Grab yourself a copy at Juno while you can.

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