YSE Saint Lau’rent – False Prophet EP & Sunburnt EP

The first in two releases from YSE Saint Lau’rent hitting the shops in January and February, the first titled the False Prophet EP and the second of which being the Sunburnt EP, we can only welcome the news that we’ve got a good pair to wrap our ears around.

Residing in Taiwan, Mr Lau’rent has delved into his bank of gloabally reaching funk and disco sounds for the False Prophets EP – released on the 25th Jan 2016. A release which is no stranger to a saxophone lick or delving bass lines, the standout tracks are the opener ‘You’re Mine (Dub)’ and ‘Gonna Be Alright’. The latter of track is as dancefloor ready as they come, even complete with a soul clap breakdown. Hallelujah.

The Sunburnt EP leans more towards Mr Lau’rents house sensibilities with the track taking B1, Gremlins Carnival, after a journey into the somewhat bizarre dubby territories on the A2 and B2. The release is no doubt a one that is looking for momentum in the lead up to the summer parties with it’s release date set for 15th Feb 2016. Each well worth checking out below.

Grab a copy of the False Prophets EP over at Juno now, and keep tabs on the Sunburnt EP.

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