Byron The Aquarius – Highlife EP

Atlanta based producer Byron The Aquarius has a tidy number of labels in his catalogue to shout about, including Rush Hour, Warp, and HHV, and to expand the collection Byron can now add Sound Signature for his latest 12″ – The Highlife EP.

The EP, produced by Kai Alcé, swings between a bugged up 4×4 rhythm on the a-side with Byron’s Voyage, reminiscent of Detroit heads such as Andres and the likes, the track featuring Byron sitting at his natural spot on keys jamming some quirk over the top. The b-side opens out with track Run Sa, featuring guest appearance from Dimitri Walker at the drums, and explores jazzy textures with Byron behind a Rhodes.

The official release for the Highlife EP was set on the Sound Signature site for January 2016, though the record has been floating around the usual shops for a good month now. You can still grab it over at Red Eye or Sound Signature’s official.

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