Max Graef & Glenn Astro – The Yard Work Simulator

What’s that resonating through the Dance Tunnel? The never disappointing collaboration between Max Graef & Glenn Astro continues…

This time making it’s way across the channel, releasing ‘The Yard Work Simulator’ on Ninja Tune and bringing a fresh new groove to the label.

Backed up by perfectly head-spaced artwork, nostalgic ‘Gran Turismo-esque’ synths we have come to love over the years, and with chords jazzier than Miles Davis in a pick n’ mix tub, you can expect to pleasure your cochlea with the release around the 27th May. Pre-Order over on Bandcamp now.

Can’t wait? Pick up the resonance extra early in the Dance Tunnel, London on 19th May or get down to the seaside and catch them at The Great Escape in Brighton.

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