MHM003 – Folamour – Oyabun EP

Co founder of Moonrise Hill Material, Folamour brings us a fresh release swinging into the summer with some more French disco vibes.

The EP takes us on a journey from the mountains of southern France with the opener ‘Novalaise’, a slow burner with a distant piano sample and a chugging baseline, taking us all the way through the streets of Paris, paying tribute to French Hip-Hop in ‘La Pierre et le Sabre’.

While the EP pays tribute to a variety of influences including gospel, hip-hop and soul, most of the tracks are straight up house groovers intended to get you on your feet. The ‘Oyabun EP’ is gunna get you tappin’ and make you eager to kick back on a terrace with pals and the tools of the trade.

The EP was originally intended for March, however is still only at pre order stage, keep an eye out, you can pick a 12″ up over at juno any time now.

A mix Folamour did recently to tide you over ’til you get the sweet stuff.

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