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Last weekend we were kindly invited down to NØRD’s third event down at Wire, as they hosted the Money $ex crew aka Max Graef & Glenn Astro.

With so many new nights, events and bars opening up in Leeds in recent times there has been some competition for some of the tenured venues to stay on top of their game. With some of the lesser known spots and secret venues, such as Cosmic Slop at the Hope House Gallery growing in popularity over the last year, it has been a while since a night really brought something fresh to Wire.

NØRD’s success seems to be in the simplistic approach they take; bring some great DJ’s to a small, dark, well known venue, don’t over sell the tickets and add some well thought out décor and original artwork. They really seem to have hit the nail on the head, the whole night had a good vibe from the off and it was refreshing to have a night of decent house music on in Leeds in a small venue.

With a whole host of great releases coming out of Europe and US at the minute including Money $ex Records, Razor N’ Tape and Rose Records there has been a slight gap to fill when it comes to bookings in the North. It’s great to see the likes of Max Graef & Glenn Astro being booked in Leeds especially in the lead up to their debut release on Ninja Tune.

We caught up with the guys after the show to talk about NØRD, music and Leeds…

Since you started last year you have brought some big artists to Leeds, especially from Europe. Do you think that there is a particular a gap in the type of artists coming to Leeds that you’re looking to fill?

You could say we are filling a gap in the market as we are trying to create a distinctive atmosphere specific to NORD, by incorporating good music with our own visuals and décor to create a specific vibe.

Is there anyone who you’d really love to get down to play? 

Moodyman is definitely up there, Mr. G…. Kimyan Law, Mala… That sort of list is endless.

Having put on your first few nights at Wire, how do you see the night evolving, have you got a specific vision to reach over the next year?

Our next event is going to be at the Old Red Bus Station with a bit more space to play with, create installations and provide more of a sensory experience. With so much more space we have more of a chance to explore the type of experience we always wanted to aim for. As Nørd develops we hope to develop the aesthetic so we can keep our style new and exciting.

With so many new spots opening up in Leeds, what are some of your favourite nights and venues in the City?

Loophole & Glug Glug are ones too look out for, Loophole usually has a secret location, Northern Monk brewery a definite favourite. Glug Glug is a night at the Hyde Park Book club showcasing music from a different region each time. Highly recommend both!

How do you see the scene in Leeds at the current moment in comparison to London and some of the other bigger cities? 

Leeds has a relentless demand for midweek & weekend events, with the amount on offer Leeds is up there with cities like Bristol & London. There’s also a lot of new music coming out of here, if you haven’t heard about 8mana collective, well worth a listen, truly mind bending music.

Any events coming up over the next few months from Nørd that we should know about? 

May 6th we are teaming up with London’s Fall up to host Andrew Ashong, Brame & Hamo + more at the Old Red Bus Station, early bird tickets are on sale. After that we are hosting the black box room at Flux on the 1st of June.

To finish off, give us three records you’ve bought recently, or are listening to at the moment?

Moodymann – DJ Kicks

Pearson Sound – Thaw Cycle

Max Graef –  Rivers Of The Red Planet

Head over to NØRD’s Facebook page for more info and check out the event page for their next night at the Old Red Bus Station with Andrew Ashong and Brame & Hamo below.

NØRD Facebook

NØRD & Fall Up Present: Andrew Ashong (DJ Set), Brame & Hamo, Abouttoblow


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