Kian T – Space Tapes EP (bigbait023)

German label Big Bait Records have provided us with their latest in jazz tinged house, coming from producer and analog-head Kian T.

Kian T – otherwise known as Andrea Pedra – started off in the music game back in his teenage years behind the decks. Moving to production years later in the 00’s dipping his toes into the hosting his own night in the Tuscan region, Andrea can now be found in a his Chianti studio in Italy surrounded by his gear collection.

The Space Tapes EP will be the second release for Andrea under this new Kian T moniker, and delves into the wonkier side of house sound that has become somewhat synonymous with German imprints like Money $ex and Box Aus Holz. Jazzy cushioned chords give the basis for bouncing beat to drive the track along with the compression chained up.

As always take a listen and keep tabs for pre-release. purchase available from 1st June.

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