Kickflip Mike & Julius Conrad – Three Turtles EP (TART036)

Kickflip Mike has teamed up with ‘Berlin bass maestro’ Julius Conrad for the Three Turtles EP release via Tartelet Records – release due 20th May.

The release will be the second from Kickflip Mike, who has previously released from notable German labels Box Aus Holz, Money $ex Records, and Torben. The Three Turtles EP sticks to a theme prevalent through most releases from the Tartelet Records lot – variation.

The title track and opener, ‘Three Turtles’, dishes up the skiffled four to the floor beat with a bass track bouncing around in between. Truly one to get the endorphin’s flowing on the summer dancefloors. Following track ‘BBQ Skit’ balances the blurry eyed opener with some fuzzed up east coast sliced hip hop beats.

Over on the B side things take a side step with a slow shuffled ‘Some Joint’ which Julius takes the focus with the leading bass-line. Kicking it up a notch for the closing track, ‘Voodoo Dude’ picks up from where the fleeting garage revival left off – always a welcome return.

Take a listen below and pre-order over at OYE Records.

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