Lone announces new album ‘Levitate’

Lone announces new album ‘Levitate’, due out at the end of May and shares new track ‘Vapour Trail’.

Last month we were treated to a new and mysterious track from Nottingham’s Matt Cutler, in the form of ‘Backtail is Heavy’, and it was unclear at the time whether there would be more to follow, or if it was a one-off.

This week he announces his sixth studio album ‘Levitate’ to be released once again through R&S Records alongside new track ‘Vapour Trail’, which edges between jungle and hardcore, still in keeping with his trademark ambient-synth style. Lone’s most recent tunes seem to take a much more upbeat approach than his 2014 album ‘Reality Testing’. He explains that the inspiration for the transformation came from “a feverish, bed-ridden experience in New York”.

“Following that we went to LA and hung out with friends, driving round all day in the baking sun playing these jungle and hardcore edits – all the best bits from rare jungle tunes, spliced together…there was something that really seemed to fit hearing these ridiculously energetic tracks whilst speeding around LA under perfect blue skies, that was amazingly similar to the music I’d been dreaming up whilst in New York…After making a record as mellow as ‘Reality Testing’ it was important to me to not repeat myself – I wanted it to be an intense blast.”

Stream the new track ‘Vapour Trail’ below. New album ‘Levitate’ is set for release May 27th via R&S Records, pre order the digital version here. There’s a limited press blue vinyl available for pre order over on Lone’s Bandcamp, with 500 copies available.

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