Mothers at Chats Palace, London

 Mothers swing by Chats Palace, London this week on Wednesday 18th May, for their ‘Reminding you not to bloom’ tour.

A band hailing from Athens, Georgia; Mothers formed a while back and recently released their debut album titled ‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired‘.A lovely projection of soft and honest vocals over an equally wholesome backing. Kristine Leschper formed the band after gaining solo acclaim, with a few other musicians from Athens; ratifying this satisfying mix of texture and consciousness.

Head down to the gig this Wednesday at Chats Palace, you can get tickets here. Can’t make it? They’re playing at the Great Escape Festival the day after and a few more locations around the country.

Rather stay on the sofa? Then theres a nice session below that they did with Audiotree earlier this year.

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