Best Friend – My Name Is Best Friend (Exclusive Listen)

We’re pleased to bring you an exclusive release from Best Friend – a production trio based in London – titled My Name Is Best Friend.

Teaming up in their Old Street studio space and working with various collaborators passing through to eke every last drop of crackling soul from the sample selections, influence can be heard from the big hitters of the golden age of sampling with the likes of Madlib and Dilla threading through the edits.

Bouncing its way from heavyweight classic breaks to laid down chillers, Best Friend lay down the My Name Is Best Friend tape with a healthy portion of groove. Being packed with some classic cuts, the selection is one for all you diggers out there that love a scramble around for some source material. Definitely one that’ll be on the summer playlist at this end.

Take a listen and download the collection for yourself from the link. Free jams! Have a gander at the Best Friend Soundcloud for future releases.

Free Download: Best Friend – My Name Is Best Friend

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