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Primavera Sound 2016 – Smaller Gems

With little more than a week to go until the Catalan city of Barcelona plays host to Primavera Sound festival 2016, we thought that the time was right to delve a little deeper into the line up to get the juices flowing!

Once again, the Primavera line up has assembled some of the most notable names in music from recent decades, not to mention those of decades further afield (I’m looking at you, Brian Wilson). While the Goliath’s are no doubt duly noted, sometimes it’s a little more interesting discovering the artists and acts that you might not have otherwise come across. Primavera has the line-up to cater for this side as well. Here’s a few that we’re earmarking for a tabs.

Alex G
Making his summer festival appearances off the back of Beach Music, his acclaimed album released through Domino Records way back in October 2015, Alex G will bring with him a loyal bunch of folk amassed over his years of sharing material through Bandcamp. Rounding off a busy year of European shows for Alex G and band before heading back across the Atlantic, you’ll get the chance to catch him at Primavera this year.

Catch at: Adidas Originals stage – 18:55 on Friday OR Sala Teatre – 14:30 on Saturday

Orchestra Baobab
Providing the soundtrack for afro-cuban dancefloors since the 70’s, Orchestra Boabab are well versed in their way around a set. The band are only making two appearances at festivals this summer – Primavera Sound and Field Day in London – so if your lucky enough to have snatched a ticket to Barcelona this year, you’ll be able to tell all your mates how you spent an hour jamming out to some high end percussion by the Mediterranean. Nice!

Catch at: Ray-Ban Stage – 22:45 on Saturday

Having released their Dissolver LP through ATP Recordings in October 2015, their second to come about since they debuted and broke onto the scene with the Dromes LP, Younghusband have been taking their jangled guitar riffs (or ‘death petal’ as it says on their Facebook) on tour. Serving up shoegaze been exported and re-imported by Australia, only bringing the pace towards cleaner tone, Younghusband will be one to keep tabs on for your Wednesday night listings.

Catch at: La (2) De Apolo – 01:00 on Wednesday

C+C = Maxigross
Hailing from the small mountaintop settlement of Vaggimal, an Italian village near the city of Verona, C+C=Maxigross have morphed from their first incarnation of psychedelic folk to what we hear today from their Fluttarn LP – released November 2015. The latest long play is the culmination of three releases worked at from their home studio and written on the road.

Catch at: Adidas Originals stage – 20:05 on Thursday OR Martini stage – 15:00 on Friday

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