Sleepdebt – Gravity EP

Manchester based producer Sleepdebt releases his debut EP ‘Gravity’ via This City Is Ours Records.

Upon first listen the ‘Gravity’ EP takes you back a few years to the likes of Teen Daze and Djrum’s earlier material, marrying soundscapes, sparse percussion and intimate vocals. The EP moves between rough found sounds and smooth detuned synths, there are some brief moments of clarity where the noise fades away leaving the warm textures to stand alone in the foreground, before the hazey field recordings peer back through.

The ‘Gravity’ EP is the first we’ve heard from Manchester based Sleepdebt, and its a release you’ll put on a few times and get repeatedly lost in, finding new moments and sounds each time you listen through.

The release is available now as a free download via This City Is Ours Bandcamp page and you can stream the full EP below.

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