Michal Turtle – Phantoms Of Dreamland LP (MFM 011)

Michal Turtle is set to have a collection of his music released through Music From Memory on a double LP, Phantoms Of Dreamland. Released 20th June.

This latest material to come from Michal Turtle’s largely unreleased vault of past sessions, it’s also the second to come through Amsterdam label Music From Memory, with last years 12″ release ‘Are You Psychic?’ garnering interest for the 80’s electronic experimenters work. The sessions featured on the upcoming Phantoms Of Dreamland LP were recorded around the same time as Music From The Living Room, from what’s been dubbed as the ‘Living Room Sessions’, between 1983 – 1985, with the newest LP taking it’s name from a track on his one and only official release.

The Phantoms Of Dreamland LP puts together a collection of sounds that display the creativity and exploration of Michal Turtle, moving from hypnotic drum beats and chimes to spoken word over electric skips and grates.

Pre orders are up and available. Get yourself a copy here.

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