The Beat Broker – Honey It’s You / Larceny Dub (UC008)

Universal Cave Records serve up four more funky jams in the form of California based producer ‘The Beat Broker’ with “Honey It’s You / Larceny Dub EP” out 27th June.

You may have heard us mention Universal Cave Records before, and it’s no coincidence, as the Philadelphia based label keep on digging up gems from the depths of obscurity with every release. Back in February we covered Duckcomb’s “Bonnevie / Every Night”, two disco-edit “hands-in-the-air dance floor groovers”. This month UC are at it again with more of the same, previewing two foot stompers courtesy of The Beat Broker.

Hailing from San Francisco, Ryan Bishop aka The Beat Broker is possibly better known for running the online music hang out ‘Dream Chimney’. His latest release comes just in time for the summer months, set for release on 27th June. The EP consists of side A “Satin Kimono / Make It Happen” and side B “Honey It’s You / Larceny Dub”, four extensive reworks that will surely get your hips shaking.

You can grab the vinyl only release over at Juno or Piccadilly if you’re from the UK, or head over to the UC Soundcloud if you’re buying in US and Europe. You can stream a preview of the B side below, if you’re still not convinced.

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