Amerigo Gazaway – The Cool Out Corner (Summer Mixtape)

“In honor of the season for cookouts, sun-dresses, beaches and barbeques, Soul Mates’ producer Amerigo Gazaway put together an hour long continuous mix of laid back summer jams, original mashups, and remixes.”

Although we all wait attentively for the glimmer of sunshine to break through the clouds and kick off the three-day barbecue season, hip hop producer and beat maker Amerigo Gazaway has been hard at work putting together “The Cool Out Corner” to kick off the summer. If you are familiar with any of Gazaway’s work before, particularly his “Fe La Soul” album you’ll know he has a knack for bringing genres and artists together. “The Cool Out Corner” is no different, mixing hip hop, soul, disco and straight up R&B. Expect the likes of Kool and the Gang, Quincy Jones, Roy Ayers, Janet Jackson, A Tribe Called Quest and more!

The mixtape is available to stream below and, if you’re looking to burn to cd or record to cassette, you can download it for free here.

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