Open Source Festival 2016 Düsseldorf – Preview

Open Source Festival welcomes Hot Chip, Max Graef Band and Oddisee amongst many others for their 11th edition at the Horse Race Course, Düsseldorf. We take a look ahead to the one-day festival taking place on Saturday 9th July.

A quick search on Google and not too much can be found about Open Source Festival, a small one day event in the heart of Düsseldorf. However don’t let that worry you, now in it’s eleventh incarnation, the festival has been quietly growing, and cultivating a wealth of artists from all over Europe. The festival will once again bring together the full spectrum of genres and styles, with the best in electronic pop, hip hop, indie, and house.

Headlining the main stage this year will be British electronic veterans Hot Chip after last year’s sixth studio album ‘Why Make Sense?’. NTS Radio will be serving up it’s usual mix of underground music in the form of a live stream, as well as several workshops and lectures in the build up to the festival.

Max Graef has been making waves in the underground electronic scene for a few years now after his debut release ‘Rivers Of The Red Planet’ via Tartlet Records. This year sees him bring the ‘Max Graef Band’ to Düsseldorf, a more experimental take on experimental jazz and electronic fusion. After their live session at JRS Studio at the end of last year, their set will be one watch for sure.

The Young Talent stage brings together eight emerging artists from the local scene, hand selected from over 130 applicants. There will also be a series of pop up gigs at WOYTON in the run up to the festival featuring some of the Young Talent artists; including The Rival Bid, Blackberries and Marton Harvest.

If you’re still not convinced have a look below at last year’s festival highlights, to give you a taster of what the festival is all about.

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