Various Artists – Permanent Vacation 4 (Permanent Vacation)

Munich veterans compile 12 mid-tempo groovers for their latest release, brimming with disco goodness.

Releasing the likes of Locked Groove and Octa Octa in the recent past, Permanent Vacation has been providing us with a varied and consistent output, from House through to Techno. The undoubted recognisable sound for the label over the years has to be it’s etherial boogie-tinged house and ‘Permanent Vacation 4’ hits the mark on that front.

The album moves its way through the disco stomper of Prins Emanuel’s ‘Ivys Boogie’, to Young Marco’s laidback synth journey on the aptly named ‘Dreamless’. Each track holds to a consistent tempo, sure to keep your foot stomping, tied together with a wistful and melancholic sound.

You can pick up the 12″ now over at Perm-Vac, and listen to a handful of previews below to get you started.


01. Hi & Saberhägen “Spreepark”
02. Carrot Green “Vodou”
03. Young Marco “Dreamless”
04. Fantastic Man “Seaside Special”
05. Prins Emanuel “Ivy’s Boogie”
06. Alex Burkat “Brooklyn Bridge”
07. Man Power “Pelame”
08. Benedikt Frey “Lucid Dream”
09. Hugh Mane ‘Interstellar”
10. Cleveland “Rio”
11. Map.ache “Let Me Sleep”
12. Suzanne Kraft “Tiles

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