Olaf Stuut & Marlon Penn – Run (Remixed) ATM041

After releasing his ‘Run’ LP back in June, Olaf Stuut gives two tracks the extensive remix treatment in collaboration with Marlon Penn.

Olaf Stuut’s latest offering brings together his experimental style of production, subtle percussion and layered, minimal synths akin to the style of Thom Yorke. Just as Radiohead did with the TKOL remixes, Atomnation have put together a six track remix EP of ‘Run’ and opening track ‘Maze’, calling upon the likes of Throwing Snow and Viken Arman.

Stuut also offered out the stems for ‘Run’ via Soundcloud earlier last month as a remix competition. The winner, ‘Hegri Remix’, takes all the best parts of the percussion and layers them, while chopping the vocals in such a way that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Koze track. 

The remix EP is due out at the start of September and is available for pre order over at Boomkat, you can pick up the full LP now via Bandcamp.

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