Pastor T.L. Barrett – Do Not Pass Me By LP

Pastor T.L. Barrett is a name that’s creeping back into the wider conscious of the music world. The Chicago-based activist and pastor in the 70’s and 80’s is most well know for the track Like A Ship…(Without A Sail). The Gospel Roots record label are set to re-release the Do Not Pass Me By LP, further gospel goodness from the Pastor! Set for release on 14th October.

Gospel has been permeating its way into the forefront of the create digging dance floors for some time. Originally released in 1976, the record showcases the crossover between gospel, soul, and disco that was prevalent on the Gospel Roots label. The release itself, while not attracting the weighty price tag of the collectible records of Pastor T.L. Barrett, holds its own with the scale of a gospel choir creating a celebration of everything musical, toe tapping, and hip shaking.

Grab yourself a listen below and copy of the LP here.

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