Moonrise Hill Material – Love Me Some Friends #1 (MHM005)

Moonrise Hill Material return for their fifth release; a four-track compilation featuring label co-founders Folamour and Ethyène

It seems to have been the summer of compilations with the likes of Permanent Vacation and Heavenly Sweetness bringing out some strong releases, now Moonrise Hill Material add to the pile with their first ‘VA’ release, “Love Me Some Friends”.

The EP opens with Ethyène’s slow stomper ‘Shine On’, re-imagining Alicia Myers vocal, while Folamour picks things up on A2 with his now trademark guitar cuts. LB aka Labat and Tochigi Canopy make up the B-side with a more lo-fi broken beat style, each bookended by film extracts to finish off the EP.

As of yet there is still no news on a pre order however the MHM Soundcloud gives a release date of late October, preview the compilation below.

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