Tiger & Woods – On The Green Again

Disco re-edit masters Tiger & Woods return for their second official release, ‘On The Green Again’, this time releasing through their own imprint ‘T&W Records’.

The duo’s second full length is due out on November 4th, arriving five years after the iconic ‘Through The Green’ on Gerd Janson’s ‘Running Back’ outlet. Tiger & Woods have been building a reputation for themselves since 2010 as having one of the most recognisable sounds in electronic music, releasing a string of white labels and free album ‘Wiki & Leaks’. The pair haven’t been resting on their success, releasing several EP’s via their own label, and touring extensively with their live setup consisting of Native Instruments Maschine, APC MPC1000 and an iPad.

The latest release ‘On The Green Again’, retains their signature disco sound, however sees them further explore the melodic synth aspects of house and italo styles, adding more of their own creative parts.

Stream the preview of ‘RockMeLoveMe’ below, and keep your eyes on Juno for pre order

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