Theo Parrish plays E1 Studio Space for The Hydra

Party aficionados The Hydra brought Theo Parrish to London and gave him a seven hour slice of evening and early morning to do his thing. Obviously… he didn’t disappoint.

Entering the E1 Studio Space venue for the first time in the central London spot, we had a whole night of Theo Parrish behind the decks in store for us. On passing the usual security measures, and a pat down for my fresh pack of chewing gum that was duly confiscated… (bastards), we found that we were among the early birds smattering the room with dancing feet for his early-night tunes.

You move underground into a hidden area of connecting rooms so sound proofed you’d be forgiven for thinking that the music hadn’t started. As with most shiny white-walled studio spaces converted into music venues, the danger of lackluster sound with the echoing surfaces was one that E1 Studios had to overcome. A compact speaker set-up circling the central dancefloor ensured that the issue was circumnavigated and provided a sweet spot for the crowd to get their limbs flinging in front of Theo, who was enjoying the music as much as everyone else in the room.

Those who have joined Theo for one of his sets will know that you can expect nothing less than an anthology of genres to be spun, all with his unique style of moving the room with a heavy hand on the EQ to blend tracks from opposite sides of the spectrum into something perfectly natural.

Spaces in the capital seem to be few and far between at the moment, and the E1 Studio Space is hopefully here to stay. The Hydra will be throwing a whole host of parties over the next few months, including Floating Points and Levon Vincent. Check out the listings in full at Resident Advisor.

You can catch Theo Parrish in upcoming dates in France, Germany, and Belgium. Check them out if your local and enjoy!

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