Ross From Friends – You’ll Understand (HAWAII003)

The long awaited sophomore release ‘You’ll Understand’ courtesy of Ross From Friends finally sees the light of day on digital and limited vinyl via Lobster Theremin’s sub-label Hawaii.

To quote the aforementioned label’s release notes “to say the release of this EP’s tracks is long-awaited would be a terribly gross understatement”. The title track has been floating around the corners of the internet for what seems like forever now, with whispers of a release coming and going. With an original announcement back in the summer, our hopes were built up once more, however further delays pushed the EP back and it looked like we weren’t seeing a release until next year.

However, you know what they say “good things come to those who… make do and listen on Youtube”, earlier this week the release finally dropped on digital via the Lobster Theremin Bandcamp, and limited vinyl release.

The EP brings together Ross From Friends’ lo-fi style, layering up heavily on the lo-pass filter and distant R&B tinged vocals, on top of the consistent four-to-the-floor thump. B-side ‘Bootman’ switches the percussion up slightly, shuffling through 808 snares, with 80’s style keys and filtered guitar samples. Each track brings something slightly different to the table, tied together by the almost nostalgic production style. The whole record sounds like you’ve just stepped away from the main sound system and into the back room, with echoes of the track filtering through.

If you haven’t already done so, take a listen to a preview of the tracks below and pick up a copy of the 12″ via Discogs.

One reply on “Ross From Friends – You’ll Understand (HAWAII003)”

[…] Mind expanding pounding DJ sets with periods of percussionless atmospheric soundscapes, broken up with a thumping live set in the second room courtesy of Manse, between them kept the crowded house pulsing for seven hours straight. They have certainly peaked my interest and I’m now looking forward to going through their back catalogues and keeping an eye out for future releases. A starting point being Ross From Friends latest 12” release ‘You’ll Understand’ on the Lobster Theremin sub label Distant Hawaii, recently featured by our good friends at Culture Villain. […]


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