Gaussian Curve – The Distance LP

Amsterdam label Music From Memory today announced the latest release from ambient trio, Gaussian Curve, following on from their acclaimed jam session turned 2014 ‘Clouds’ album release. The initial glimpse of the new material promises more melodic ambling and builds on past landmark releases from the label including Michael Turtle and Roberto Musci. Hold tight for The Distnace LP release date!

Effortlessly blending keys, guitar, synths and drum machines, the elements that come together when Gaussian Curve play together make something far greater than the sum of it’s parts. The spark that comes with Masin, Nash, and Stark’s musical creations develop from their ability to produce natural landscapes through electronics. The sound of branching synths over a rhythmic drip of the drum machine married with guitar melodies is the most that we can hear from The Distance LP. It’s safe to say that we’re looking forwards to this one.

Get release information when available from the Music From Memory site. Take a listen below and share!

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