Ryan Summers – F51.01

Ryan Summers releases new album ‘F51.01‘, a set of ambient works and pieces for insomnia – an organic exploration of sound and colour to help you drift through the hours.

Summers latest offering comes after a period of unrest as he battled with insomnia, the album was born aiming to recreate some of the music that helped keep his mind occupied. According to Summers, “It helped keep my brain occupied on the nights when I couldn’t sleep. Only certain ambient music worked, though. I wanted to see if I could make more of that music.”

The albums touches on dark cinematic soundscapes in opener ‘Beneath The Ice’, with moments of melodic avante garde found in “Well Tuned”, a four minute exploration reminscent of Suzanne Ciani’s Buchla works. Interestly the album was created solely using software synthesizers, however Summers re-amped the plugins in a church through various pieces of hardware and ampliefiers, recording the resulting room noise. Summers explains, “The church has some really wild sound spaces!  The chapel hall is amazing, but even the corridors have some cool reverbs. Sitting quietly, listening to those sounds in such spacious rooms was a truly meditative experience.” 

Influences come from the likes of Aphex Twin and Brian Eno, both of whom are known for shining a light on ambient and experimental music. However more recent comparisons bring Hans Zimmer’s Intersteller soundtrack and Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein’s work for Stranger Things to mind.

As with many other ambient works F51.01 is happy to sit in the background, however when given your full attention, each track has something new to offer. ‘Logos’ the albums final track builds into a six-minute journey through space, that wouldn’t sound out of place in one of NASA’s discovery pieces. Ambient music is often driven by setting or circumstance, and when listened to in the correct settings F51.01 certainly evokes the “other-worldly yet hypnotic quality” that it set out to do.

F51.01‘ is out now on digital format only and is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Take a listen to a few of our highlights below and stream the album in full via Ryan Summers Soundcloud.

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