Dugo – Lingua Franca

Japanese electronic music producer Takahiro Izutani releases long-awaited solo project Lingua Franca.

Dugo is the solo alias of video game producer Takahiro Izutani, you may not be as familiar with his name as the games he has more recently worked on including Bayonetta and Metal Gear Solid 4. Takahiro Izutani has been working on the project for over ten years, weaving in and out of television and gaming soundtracks in between. The album is a culmination of the approach Izutani has taken over the years and you can hear pieces of each project within the album from electronica to experimental world music.

Upon first listen the comparison to the gaming world is easy to make, the intricate, fast breakbeats reminiscent of early 90’s games remind me of Bomberman. Izutani describes the album “Dugo is my life’s work. I think many of the people who purchased this album are video game music fans, and you can indeed find some affinity between my work for Dugo and my compositions for video games.” The selection of sounds and timbres is what changes this album apart from being ‘just another’ video game soundtrack. The tracks move through changing time signatures with looping acoustic guitar licks on ‘Gliding Bird’, evolving and layering in a modular fashion.

Although there are moments on the album that can wash over you, when sat down and listened to in full, each track has something new to offer every time you hear it. It is an album that demands your full attention, each time uncovering a new layer or melody.

Lingua Franca is available on limited Vinyl press and 800 copies of CD via Brave Wave Shibuya, Japan. Take a listen to a few of our highlights from the album below and grab a copy on via Bandcamp.

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